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The need of synergy between education at home and at school

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Published: 01 September 2015
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it's true that home is the first and the most important school for kids, while parents is the first and the most important teachers for them. hopefully, all the parents of Tkii Al Abidin aware of the need of the synergy between the education at home and at school.

Some of the top 10 mistakes parents make while expecting a miracle to happen at the Islamic school

1.Parents giving the Dunya priority over the Deen and not teaching their kids the beauty of Islam with love and understanding at home.
2. Parents neglecting their Salat 
3. Parents not connecting their children with their Creator and his book the Quran but connecting them with the Disney channel and letting the Cable Tv raise their kids, where they are getting programed 8 hours a day and bring that garbage they learn back into the school.
4.Parents not teaching their children Salat with meaning
5.Parents making the Deen seem so scary and harsh and giving more priority to back-home Culture and nationalism. 
6.Parents making the mistake of sending kids to public school and when they learn all of the bad things there they send them to islamic school where they pass on all of the bad things or "cool" things they learned.
7.Parents not seeking knowledge in the Deen and educating themselves on the proper way to bring up children according to the Quran and Sunnah
8.Parents not being the best role models by practicing the best manners and character.
9.Parents earning Haram money and being involved in Riba and other things the Almighty has prohibited 
10.Parents not having a kind and loving relationship with their kids

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